daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-07-15 05:53:06 (UTC)

We Were Barely Seventeen and We Were Barely Dressed

I did something I hadn't done in over six years
today; I went to Mass. And what's even more odd is that I
really enjoyed it. The service was short, sweet, to the
point, sincere, and meaningful. Father David is nice to
listen to and the congregation is small and friendly. I'm
glad that N2 and Jerud made me go. I didn't take
Communion, however, because I need to be reconciled due to
the fact that I've broken the third commandment
approximately 320 consecutive times, not to mention this
little infraction called fornication that I've committed.
I did something stupid yesterday, too. I forgot to pack
underwear (I stayed the night in Otway) so I went to church
going commando. Just another embarassing tidbit in my
life... Anyhoo, when I go to confession and IF I become
Ivan's godmother there ain't no doubt I'll be doubly

I want to go to Mass more often now. I can understand
it better and interpret it and God in my own way. People
just don't understand God. Everyone's God is different and
yet the same. My God is different than N's or L's or
Steph's, or any Tom, Dick and Harry in the street's. But
it's still the same God. We just interpret it
differently. There are many different types of love, so
why not have God like that as well, since after all, God is
love. I'm not making much sense right now, but in my head
I know what I mean. But I'm tired, and it's cold and
lonely in the deep dark night.

I wonder if I soundly defeated the purpose of going to
Mass today by going to the dog track as well. I don't bet
on the dogs-I just play the slots. I lost $100. I can't
believe I was so stupid. But I had a lot of fun. I came
out $80 ahead the last time I went, so I figure that I win
some, I lose some. The piper demanded a bit too much for
the song, though.

I'm having such a nice time in life right now that I'm
afraid that the karma police are going to catch me and bite
me in the ass.

My belly button is almost completely healed. I
pierced it a bit over three weeks ago. It looks cool but I
have a bit of exercising to do if I'm going to live up to
it's cuteness. I know that seems so bimbo-ish and idiotic,
but it's the bald truth. I look at that little silver hoop
every day and I still can't believe I did it. I thought it
was infected for about a week, but the redness is nearly
gone. I suppose that I'll just do what I can and let
mother nature do the rest.

Future self: I am so sorry for the contents of this
entry. I have been listening to entirely too much vintage
Meatloaf lately. However, I hope you never get tired of
singing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" at the top of
your lungs. And as for that thought, baby baby let me
sleep on it. Heh.