Blonde And Dangerous
2002-07-15 04:58:14 (UTC)


I totally forgot I had this thing until I was going
thorught some old papers of mine, and found the password!

Anyway, I logged in, and I had two new messages that were
really old. I didn't reply because I figured it's a little
late now (they're all of 6 months old)! Anyway.

I finally got into livejournal, and am a Paid User, thanks
to Sarah. (Thanks to Van for getting me in in the first
place!) And I recently joined, too. It's
really great.

I've managed to keep at online journaling since getting my
LJ. I'm now just going to go through all my old entries
and read about the beginning of 8th grade. I'm actually
kind of excited, because this was the time when there are
huge gaps in my journal journal (the written one, which, by
the way, finally got filled!), and I'd like to see my old
perspectives on things. I think I've changed a lot since
then, but I guess we'll see, huh?

Love and all, Mara

(I don't even know if anyone has me on Notify, but if they
do, hey, that's pretty cool! *love!*)

P.S. I could tell this was all really old when I had to
use my old e-mail address, [email protected], to
log in! ^^!