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2001-06-30 18:10:06 (UTC)

Girls vs Guys

I'm so incredibly confused. I have a boyfriend and he's
wonderful. Not so long ago I had decided finally that I
was bi. Now I'm not even sure I have intrest in guys at
all. One guy friend said to me "I don't think you're lez,
you're just bi with a fear of men." and I have to wonder if
there really is a difference. I mean, does it matter if
it's due to fear? Isn't really the definition for lesbain
simply a sexual preferance for girls? I've been in some
pretty bad relationships with guys before. Scratch that.
I've been put through hell by men. But my boyfriend I
think is different. He's gentle. He's kind. I want so
much to love him as much as he loves me. I just don't know
if I'm capible of that. He knows my doubts and my fears.
He said to explore my sexuality. He's been so good to me.
I do love him. I just don't know if I can handle a
relationship with a guy again. Or maybe I just can't
handle any relationship. I'm so confused!!!!