wind djinn

Memories of a Paradise Lost...
2001-01-07 20:17:42 (UTC)

ah, wow, i m back already! no,..

ah, wow, i'm back already! no, no, i have a's
just that tomorrow school re-starts, and i'm trying to
relax a bit before i have to return to exams and doubtful
i think i'm going to like this site, it's....cozy. i read
a few other diaries (sorry if anyone is offended by that)
and the people here seem generally pretty nice. not at all
like a few other sites i visited. it took forever to find
this site. everywhere i would go, i would find just....shit
(pardon my french) and here it's not too big, not
vulgar...i like it, i really do...
anyway, i suppose i can say a bit more about myself,
considering it's the same day. um, how about religion? ooh,
not a good question. so many beliefs, so many doubts, so
many religions, so many people....oh i tell you, i've
learned that religion isn't a good topic in the modern
world. so for now, let's just leave that blank. but i have
friends of pretty much every common religion, so i haven't
anything wrong with them, or athiests, or whatever. i'm
prettty much just a down-to-earth kinda person and i see
things from many different angles.
next-my family. well i've got two divorced parents and
two sisters. one graduated from Harvard University and the
other from Tulane University. yeah, and from where i come
from, that is very rare for a hispanic family. yep, we've
worked very hard to earn our place in society.
the reason i got into online diaries? well...actually it
started at a fav. site of mine, they had a link to so i says to myself, aye, mate, might just
want to try that out. so a few days later, the love of my
life left me, and ever since then i've been BURSTING with
stuff to talk about. but recently i haven't liked the
environment over there. i dunno, call me a fool, but i like
this a trifle more.
i'll probly be talking more about my former life. his
name is james, he didn't give a damn about me or the legacy
he would've left. (please don't inquire about that) i've
been to hell and back, and i'm just now recovering...
school. hmmm, students who attend my high school score
amongst the highest in the nation on the SATs. i'm enrolled
in many of the most rigourous courses. it's kind of
expected from me in my family, i mean look at what i must
live up to!
interests....whew, soo many!!!!!!!! remember that i'm
female? well down here where i come from, not many girls
take part in what i do...lessee, i like computer
programming, i like fencing, i like videogames, i like
boxing, i like anime, i play dungeons and dragons. i also
play vampire....umm those are my non-gurly activities. i
love to read science fiction. i love to read, write, and
play fantasy related oh! i love dragons! i love
mythology. (i have no idea why) i'm into astrology. i guess
shopping is, guys, i don't think of them in
boyfriendish terms, because 90% of my friends ARE guys.
surprisingly my best friend is a girl. her name's Vanessa.
more about her later.
oops, my dad is here. i must go now. um, meet later?

alls well that goes well