2001-06-30 18:01:51 (UTC)

The 848 Crash (Part IV) - [02:20] April 24, 2355

Delilah fell to the ground with a heavy thump next to the
green triage area and started crying from exhaustion.
Being only a ten-year-old human, she wasn't exactly
prepared or designed to take such physical exertion.

As she sat on the grass, crying, Sarah, her human hands
slightly bloody from dealing with yellow and red victims,
walked over and knelt next to her. "What's wrong, Lilah?"

Lilah sniffed. "I'm tired, and my arms hurt! I wanna go
home!" She sounded like a tempermental three-year-old, but
Sarah knew she was allowed to be, considering what she'd
done so far for the rescue effort.

"Come on, then, I'll take you home. We'll find your mother
and put you to bed. Good Lord! It's 2:30 A.M. already!
You should already be home!" She took the young girl's
hand and led her over to where Melanie, her human mother,
was taking a short break of her own. "Melanie? Lilah
wants to go home. She's tired."

Melanie smiled at Sarah and Lilah. "Ok, then, honey.
You've done plenty for them already. You'll get a medal
just like the rest of us. Come on." She took Lilah from
Sarah and led her away.

Sarah turned back to the scene of the crash and shuddered.
It was horrible. She'd seen scenes of dead after a brutal
fight between the Amian and Human forces, which always left
hundreds if not thousands of humans dead and at least ten
Amians dead, but that was no where near as horrible as
this. This was disgusting. This was wounded and dead
females and cubs. This was young ones calling out in pain
for their deceased mothers and fathers. This was brutal
and heartless...

She suddenly fell to her knees, sobbing. She couldn't take
it. She looked at her hands through tearful eyes and
choked on a sob. A gentle hand touched her shoulder and
she looked up to see a SWAT team member standing over
her. "Chris?"

The armored Amian shook his head. "Nope, sorry. You want
me to go get him?"

Sarah shook her head. "No thanks, he's busy..." Sensing
her impending breakdown, the SWAT member knelt next to her
and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She gratefully
buried her face in his chest and cried freely.

For a while, they just sat there, holding one another,
until Sarah finally got a hold on herself and pulled
slightly away from the thoughtful Amian. "Th-thank
you...I'm sorry-"

He waved a hand. "Don't worry about it. We're not just
Animalia's little elite weapon-wielding toys. We have our
own little code of duty that we follow." He smiled and
gave her another little hug, then stood and took off back
to his place in line.

Sarah watched him go, stunned, and smiled. They were
incredible, those SWAT members...


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