Pandora's Book
2001-06-30 17:36:43 (UTC)

Summer Days...

Saturday June 30, 2001

Last night I went to a Big Wreck concert in Bville with Meg,
Justin and some guy Brian. The concert kind of sucked so we
left the concert area (we had been in the very front) after
about 5 songs and went down to the water and just talked. I
liked that better. Then at 11 we had to leave cuz they
closed the Island. The evening was cool, but I felt a bit
awkward. Justin just got me to go cuz he didnt want to be
alone with Meg, the girl he likes. He didnt want her to
think it was a date. So he got me and Brian to go along. I
wonder if he really wanted us there?

Tonight I am going to a big party at Justins. I dont have
any boos to bring though. But there will be PLENTY there. I
told my parents that I was going and spending the night cuz I
was going to get bloody drunk and they surprisingly didnt put
up a fight. They probably think this is going to be a big
lesson for me.. you know, experience being hung over etc..
little do they know it is not a first time experience.

Tomorrow Darrel is coming from Cnwl for Canada Day. We are
going to watch the fireworks together. Its pretty cool that
he is going to drive 3 hours just to come and watch the
fireworks with me. Oh yeah, and he also owes me some Hershey
Kisses :) He better remember them!

Well, its seems like my summer is finally picking up and I am
starting to get a life. Every year when school starts I look
back and think of the boring summer I wasted. I dont want
that to be the case this year. Its pretty much my last high
school summer and I want to have a blast!