a poetic Heartº
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2002-07-15 02:52:16 (UTC)

Too Many Times

If I could have another life
Id take it

If I could walk a hundred miles
Id walk it
Just to get away

If I could talk some sense
Id talk it

If I could fight for my rights
Id fight it
Just to be free

Ive never had the chance to be
exactly who I wanted to be
Ive never saw happiness at all

I wanna run so far
Just to fly so High
Tell everyoe in this town goodbye
Ill tell you once
but dont ask me twice
You drove me away from my life
You drove me away from my life
Too Many Times

If youd tell me that I couldnt
Id Do it

If youd tell me to stop
Id start it
Let me live

And If you tell me
Not to be around him
Im gonna spend each moment
thinkin bout him

and if you tell me
that I cant love him
then one day
I will walk beside him.