The Not So Secret Confessions Of Kat
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2002-07-15 02:30:49 (UTC)


ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! How he inferiates me!!!!! He is
the bigest hypocirte on the face of this planet! He is also
an a-hole. My mother told me she would divorce him if she
her salary could support her and I. She could live by
herself on her salary but then I would have to live with my
dad full time and my moms a very nice person who would not
torture me like that. No matter what I do he always blows
up at me. Im not really bad I dont make c's on my report
card i dont do drugs and im so much of a loser that i dont
have anyone to hang out with or go places so i never stay
out late past curfew since im never out anyway! i made
straight A's once and he didnt give a crap. he insults my
mother and i on how we look and then laughs about it. he
yells at me for crying and i cant say ANYTHING in front of
him because he alawys ALWAYS finds something to get ANGRY
about. Hes always yelling at something and is EXTREMLY
negative and gets pissed off when i say something negative.
hes NEVER had any sympathy for anyoine let alone his family
and has NEVER said anything nice to or about me. if he were
as violent with his fist as he was his words i would be
seriously injured. I know i should consider myself lucky
because hes not physicaly abusive but words hurT! someday
20 yaers from now im going to be in thearapy about this. he
just makes me so angry! and sad :(

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