Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-07-15 02:01:30 (UTC)

Happiness is....

Isnt it amazing, how one moment you can be tempted by the
dire, frightning grisps and most tantilizing taste of
insanity, only to get caught up in just the slightest touch
or whisper or look of this one person... who for some
reason has this power over you you just cant explain... but
its not bad, more reassuring... like the warm summer
breeze... it just sort of wraps its arms softly around you
and carries you away to a different place, a happy place...
a place where you can be at home...

Scarily enough, when I was in the shower, I said the word
happy. More like, 'Im really happy.' Just to say it. Isnt
that weird?? I said that I was happy! Its just so
strange... its like, hes a magnet, and he just gets these
emotions out of me, he controls me without controlling
me... I have so much freedom, yet, Im contained. Its like,
the door of the cage is open, I just dont want to fly out.
Im just looking at it... the only place I would fly would
to perch on his shoulder...

Gah... I could go on forever... sickning, i know. But like,
my whole body tingles when I SIT NEXT TO HIM!!! This is new
to me...

Believe it or not, I think im in love.



Anyways, Im burnt to a crisp... Im mean, cajun style. And
it hurts.

But it was so relaxing in the nice warm sun, sunshine is so

GAHHHHHH! Look at me!!! Im all cutsey and lovey dovey!!!!

He leaves me tomorrow. *sniffle* Hes gunna be a marine...
and hes gunna be gone tomorrow and tuesday taking tests and

And for some reason, that really really impresses me. I
was thinking about joining... hee hee. Me, a military

Well, Destiny is destiny. And if God says it, it is.


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