Mysterious Attitude
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2001-06-30 16:42:27 (UTC)

Just My Thoughts...

*This isn't really an entry cuz my day hasn't really
started... so this will be my "thoughts page" I think I
will do it every week..u know like to sum up how my week
went.. and how I felt bout it...or just to say whatever
floats my boat...

[*]My Stats [*]
[*] Time* 11:06am
[*] Listening To*The lil beepin sounds of my IM... and The
Call by BSB
[*] Talking To* Rachael
[*] Song Of The Day* Get Another Boyfriend-BSB hehe I love
that song...
[*] Wearing* My silk white pj's with Bears and Hearts
[*] Eating/Drinking* Nothing
[*] Weather* Sunny and hot

~~~My Thoughts~~~

*U know as I think bout it... over the last 2 years I have
done things that I didn't think I would do till I was at
least 18 ... I really do think that I'm growin up to
fast... I need to slow down and act my age for a chance...
I act like I'm already 20 and I know I shouldn't... I need
to live my life as a kid first... then grow up... I'm just
to mature.. and maybe thats why I have so many problems in
my life cuz I'm so naive... I dunno...
*Another thing I wanna rant bout right now... is boys...
Life was soo much easier before I started to like boys...
cuz since I have.. all I have got is heartache and pain :(
I'm at the point where I don't even believe guys anymore...
cuz so many of them have lied to me... and yeah I know that
all aint like that... but 99.9 percent of them
are...::shrugs:: Maybe that is one reason I'm bi... cuz I
really do think a gurl would treat me better then a guy
could.. but I have heard the way people talk bout people
who r like that.. so that's why I won't hardly tell anyone
I am like that... my family would disown me.. and tell me
I'm breakin the rules of the bible... but I believe that
your only breakin the rules if u know deep inside that u
shouldn't be doing that.. and I feel that me likin gurls is
not considering a bad thing... I could do so much worst
then like a gurl.. u know what I mean... but anyway enough
for that subject... ::NEXT::
*Umm... shall I go into religion?¿ Why not... lol Lately I
have been thinking that their isn't any god... cuz my life
always seems to go wrong... and no matter how much I pray
it doesn't get any better... I sumtimes think that God was
made by man to make us feel better... but other times I do
believe he is real... I really don't know.. this subject
isn't a real good one for me to talk bout.. cuz I'm like so
confused bout it right now... so let me go on bout sumthing
*Let's talk bout music...my love of my life... and one
thing I can't live without... It has kept me from killin
myself...keeps me happy...helps me deal with life... and
also helps me enjoy myself.. and ohh yeah it has never hurt
me... what more can u wish to get from one thing? Umm....
nothing really right... I have a dream to become a
singer... maybe it will come true... I hope so... I'm tryin
to work at it now...as in workin with my voice by bein in
choir at school... and soon I'm goin to start to write
songs... cuz if I can write a poem in like 10 minutes..a
song should also be easy don't ya think?¿ lol
* Well I'm sick of writin so I will go... I gotta leave sum
things to write bout later on I guess.. so bye bye 4 now

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