DaRk RavEn of DeAth

ToRn AwAy
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2002-07-15 01:46:58 (UTC)

just antoher day in my life


hey what up nothin here. im chris any way my day was grate
i whent over to my girl friends house. her name is Alli and
i belive i love her alot. i wish i can be with her for
life. but i got to wait and see. all we did is just chilled
and do other stuff. i was thinking today what if she broke
up with me i would feel wreally bad if she did i like and
love her a lot im not the type of guy who likes to show it
but i think she knows i care for her and all. any way im a
skater grunge kid who likes heavey and death metal. people
think im goth but im not i use to be and some think im a
satnic but nah there wrong. i play guitar i realy want to
get big one day that will probly not happen. i really like
spending time with alli. i dont care what people thinks of
her i love her. after i got home today my fucking step dad
yelled at me about my room its dirty he says and if i dont
clean it im grounded fuck him man i was pissed i hate
getting yelled at so i took a walk and smoked like fucking
5 cigs ahhh i was mad will im going to go
peace out