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2002-07-15 01:46:06 (UTC)


Hey.I spent most of my day with Chris.(feelings indifferent)
Anyways, I could only obtain one 6 g barbell last nite.(can
you believe out of all the stores that sell body jewelry in
the h'town area there was only one 6 g barbell in stock..?)
I put it through my right ear...I don't know why I choose
the right one.I looked in the mirror at both my ear lobes
and for some reason that one looked like it could handle
going two gages up better.Going from 8-6g, yep, I could
feel it.I went from 18-14 and didn't feel much.14-10 yeah
it was quite a jump and wasn't completely painless-but I
had alota rage in me when I did that jump...something I
observed at the mall-but I'm not bringing that up since all
is well now-but without rage, I couldn't of done it and
kept a straight face.....10-8 felt like nothing.But 8-6 I
felt.....but as I mentioned before, I'm somewhat of a
masochist so I liked it.
Right now I'm reading the novel "The Bell Jar" (again).The
authors name is Sylvia Plath.I'm trying to get everyone to
read it, but most people in the town where I live can't
read and only know how to sign their names and social
security number for the McDonald's application(people in
this town are dumb)...But anyways, this novel I totally
relate to.It's like the thoughts and feelings I dare not
say outloud...I would love to be the next Sylvia Plath,
except in real life when I kill myself (she did at age 31),
I won't do it by cooking gas....I'll do it by od'ing, or
jumping off the statue of liberty.HaHa..I'm just kidding, I
don't think I'm ever gonna kill yeah...but I
need to not right stuff like that, someone might take it
the wrong way.But I can't lie and say I don't think about
it often...(note to self:stop writing this stuff or people
will think your mental...)
Ok, I'm gonna stop writing right now.....and go tend to
other things...Byes!

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