the life of one woman
2001-06-30 16:39:47 (UTC)

the dreaming...

the dreams i remember have been increasing as of late. i
remembered this when i woke this morning, which wasn't long

last night i dreamt that i was at some non-specific science
fiction convention at a hotel for a weekend. someone
started killing people, women, by stabbing them to death.
there were so many wounds in each of the victims.

one night in one of the suites, during a large party with
people in and out of costume, the killer came to me. he
kept staring at me from a distance. it felt threatening and
not at like someone trying to hook up. still, i walked to a
smaller room curious to find out the truth of his
attentions. (really, even when awake i'm brash and stupid
and sometimes end up asking for lame situations with my
actions...but i'll never know if i don't go...)

in the other room were less people. it was quieter, not so
dark. the all black clothing and mask he wore appeared less
costume like. i didn't like it or him. i was guessing it
was a guy, by physique, now that i was close enough to
judge. he approached me. there was a stalking quality to
his movement that put me on guard. it was that or i just

within lunging distance he pulled a knife and pounced. i
wasn't entirely surprised. i grabbed his wrists as soon as
they were within reach and we wrestled about. the room
faded away. i eventually got the knife away from him. he
fled. the room was empty. i went into the next one and he
didn't appear to be in there. i kept the knife with me the
rest of the weekend.

sure, i spent the rest of my time doing sci-fi con like
things, but later that weekend i met this beautiful young
man. i just wanted to lick him he was so hot. it was him
that was beautiful...he was just in a pair of jeans and a
t-shirt of some kind. i guess there was conversation, it's
all fuzzy now. we headed back to his room.

things were definitely about to go my way, when out of the
bathroom walked this other guy. goddammed alarm bells in
the head syndrome. he looked so much like the guy i was
standing near but darker. he had darker hair, he dressed in
jungle khakis, black shirt, big black leather boots, and his
eyes. they were mean and angry. his presence immediately
change the manner of the guy i had entered the room with.

i knew it was them, killing women at the hotel. i
started to step back. i pulled the knife out and they both
just sort of smiled.

i don't remember what happened to the second guy (the one
with the boots) but the first one ran towards me. he didn't
think i would use the knife. up until that moment i didn't
plan on using it. i didn't really have a conscious reason
for carrying it, but i lifted it and pointed it at him in a
threatening manner hoping that it would give him pause to
think. indeed it did.

it was my turn to lunge at him. as i did, i swung out and
sliced him in the arm. he certainly did jump back; probably
more out of surprise than anything else. i barely nicked
him. i made for the door, opened it and got out into the
hallway. i screamed for help. nothing. no one. the
conference rooms weren't far away, i ran for those.

there was a business meeting going on in one of them. oddly
enough, my boss, colin, was in there at the head of the
table running a meeting. i ran in there and jumped on top
of the table since there were briefcases and laptop bags
lining the walls of the room. the killer followed me in.
he got up on the table too. i ran down the length of it and
turned around as he caught up. i stabbed at him, misjudged,
and missed. (i hadn't done this before) i managed to slice
at him a couple more times and i finally stabbed him. he
was still trying to take the knife from me. he kept
demanding his knife back and making threats. i wasn't going
to kill him. i couldn't. i didn't know how. he laughed.
i buried the knife in his belly and jerked it up under his
ribs. i just kept shoving it up there until he stumbled
back, stunned look and all. colin and the woman to his
right caught the falling man.

i hopped off of the table, knife in hand, and woke up.