the ups and downs of my life
2002-07-15 01:35:47 (UTC)

my weekend

well on thursday i went shopping at khols and bought some
shoes they are really cute and were only 19.99 they were a
reg 39.99. i thought they were on sale for 27 but they
were cheaper so we ahd to go back and get my brother
another shirt becuase u had to spend 50 dollars to get 10
dollas off ur next visit.

on friday aunt mary ann and sonja and my cousins came down
and i picked out a dress. it was from maryann and it was
white and a light brown plaid. it was cute. then i went
and spent the night at ashleys with laura. we stayed up
till a lil after 1 and right before we went to bed we
shaved. i have never shaved late before. we had fun. they
also loked thorugh ashes yrbok and showed laura all her
friends and pl she will be with next yr. i felt a lil left
out but i guess its part of life.

on sat we got up at 9 but didnt get out of bed till 10. we
ate, took a shower and we started geting ready around 11.
ime and ash did lauras hair really cute but it took a long
time. so when it was my time to get it done i wanted it
all curle and only got half curled so the other half
stayed u pin a pony tail for the wedding. so then we went
to it at 2:30 and took some pics and left.then we came hom
eand dad called and 10 mins LATER WE WENT TO THE CABIN.
UNCLE MIKE GOT HURT SKING SO DAD drove the boat and wme
and casi went tubing it was fun but i couldnt get in the
tube so dad had to pull me up into it. it was very funny.
then this 15 yr old kept staring at casi and girls cam
over and asked her how old she was. then later i heard him
tell his friends she was a 10. then the girls came back
over and told casi (12) that he wanted to meet her in the
game room. she said she had to go soon. it was funny. she
hid in the camper the whole time. i mean what respectable
15 yr old would want to go out with a 12 yr old and god
knows what he wanted to do when she came to see him. eww

wel then we went home and today (sunday) we hardly did
anything. we went to target and lowes t get molding and
sometime we are either going to build or buy a picnic
table. then we came home and orin said i could mow his
lawn on tuesday. and we watered jeremys garden becuase he
had a fit.

well bye for now