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2001-06-30 16:34:33 (UTC)


Last night i was chatting on msn messenger and i was
cahtting with my friend Tracey(serenity260), Kayla and a
guy named Matt. Well matt asked me out and you know i woul
db elike hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i dont know then he goess i am
sexyadn i go im sexier and all that. then i go i am sexiest
and he goes yep. ANd i go have you seen my pic? he goes no
you just act like your hot and the sexiest. im all like oh
go out with me! so im all saying no for awhile and all that.
then we get to saying good nite. he goes i luv ya and hes
never met me in my life! so i say byebye hun. so then my
friend kayla goes lylas(love ya like a sista) and i go
lylas and then he goes lylas and im all like you cant lylas
me. so he goes lylab which mean love ya like a babe in his
vocab. thne he goes good nite babe and i tell him not to
call me that. so in the end he just tell me to have a great
nite and i go i not gonna dream about you. and he goes
please try! so i say okay. then he goes good nite and i say
good noght and i haven't told him my answer yet if i will
be his gf so got to bad and wake up an hour and 1/2 later
unable to sleep. so i got on the comp. I got on to see if
he was on so i could tell him no then my friend kayla says
hes gonna hate me cuz i sadi no. and i tolf her i just
wannabe his friend. i mean if he really loved me he would
let me. so she goes no he wont take it like that. he wants
to be my bf. so now i am all worried cuz i dont want him to
hate me.

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