Don't Share The Love
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2002-07-15 01:16:14 (UTC)

The Secreted Letter

To Damien:
Betsy. My best friend. You. My other best friend. And you
guys loved each other. And you may not know this, but that
killed me. Seeing you two together, holding hands. Betsy's
stories of you kissing her at the movies. I hated to
imagine that. When she broke up with you, it tore me up.
Half of me was sad, becasue you loved her, and half of me
was happy. And about 4 months after the breakup, I told
you. You know what I am talking about. And my profile. What
I said. You did. You ignored it. I told you the one thing I
have been keeping from you all year. And you chose to
ignore it. So, last night, I felt I should explain my
sudden confession. I told you why. And after I said it, I
got scared. Just like last time. Scared of what you will
think or say. Scared of your reaction. And I left. I got
back on someone else's sn and watched you. You got off too.
The coast was clear. I got back on. I waited for you,
hoping you would come back. But you didn't. So I write this
letter to you today. And I only have 1 thing to say:
I love you.
-Your science buddy forever

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