Don't Share The Love
2002-07-15 00:27:27 (UTC)

The Dream

(This may contain a little slash..not really slash...more
like...slushie-ish action. Hehe) Whoa. I had a dream. About
Owen. He was writing a story. About me and him. And what we
did. And during the story, he kept having flashbacks about
what happened. And in the dream, I was reading the story
and seeing the flashbacks.
---Owen had a shard of glass in his hand, about to slash
his arm. I walked in the room and screamed and tried to get
the glass from him, cutting myself in the process. I pushed
him on the bed and made him lay down, I took his wrists and
pinned him down beside his head, and I straddled him, all
in attemps to get him to stop thrashing and screaming. I
looked down into his eyes, and saw the pain. All this
emotional crap had made him suicial, and 2 suicidal people
in my life was too much. I though about Sarah. My best
friend. Suicidal too. I got lost in my thoughts for a moment, then
got jolted back to reality when I heard Owen scream "Get off of
me! Let me go!" He was still thrashing around, trying to
get put of my grip. I kept looking in his eyes. And I
kissed him. Not a tounge kiss, just a simple kiss on the mouth. I
scared myself. I didn't know I had the courage to do that. He is my
best friend, and I have never kissed him. I have always wanted to
though. Well, he seemed suprised at my sudden kiss, he didn't kiss me
back, but after a few seconds, I stopped kissing. And just looked at
him. He had a confused look on his face. Then I heard his sister
down the hall, so I stopped sitting on him and lied down
next to him. She came in and asked what all the screaming
was about. I made up an excuse and she left. I was lying
there, releived that she had not saw us, or known what Owen
had tried to do, and why he was screaming. I kept on
looking at the celing, wondering what Owen thought. You
know...about what I just did. All of the sudden he rolled
on top of me, straddled me, and started kissing, holding down my
wrists, just like I had his. I was
drawn back for a split second, suprised at his kiss. I soon
gave in to the kiss and then he slipped his tounge inside
my mouth. I did the same. He let go of the grip on hy wrists,
entertwining his fingers with mine. We kissed each other in this
forceful manner for a long time. We were breathing heavy.
I was out of breath, but it felt so wonderful.
Fianlly doing what I had wanted to do for such a long time,
and him returning it. I stopped kissing him and I pushed
him over on the bottom and rolled back on top of him. I
looked in his eyes and smiled. He put his hands around my
neck and pulled me closer, kissing me again, this time for
only what seemed a second. He then stopped and looked back
at me,smiled too. I got off him and laid beside him, my
hands around the back of his neck, and my head laying on
his chest. He was laying right beside me, his arms holding
me close. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed. After a
few seconds he opened them. He looked back down at me and
whispered "I love you" in my ear and smiled. I smiled back
then kissed him. Not a forceful kiss like before (when we
were playing tonsil hockey hehe) but it was a soft kiss.
One that can only be powered by love. We stopped and I laid
my head down on his chest again. Thinking about him, I fell
asleep in his arms.
Whoa. Told ya freaky dream. Wanna know the weirdest part? I
haven't seen him in 4 years! Hahahaha