2001-06-30 15:37:12 (UTC)

I know I'm trash

Last night April came over. It was cool. Today I'm going
out with my family, not somthing i enjoy doing. Ill get
somthing out of it hopefully. Better then sitting at home
wondering what people with lives are doing. Still looking
for a new server for my website. I got a job online, but
they dont give me alot of work and I really like to work so
I'm going to get a nother one too. Anywayz Ive been thinkin
about stuff with me and April lately, nothing thatll hurt
us. I hope I never lose her. Shes all I got left, no
friends, my family sorta treats me as a room-mate not a
son. So I got April. Id rather have only April then
everything but April. I have no clue way she dates me, Ive
been calld white trash so many times I wonder if thats what
I am. Evereyones calld me white trash, kids, parents,
siblings, teachers (whoa), etc, etc. Dont worry about me I
know I'm useless scum. I know I'm trash