nfinite empyrean

2001-06-30 15:05:57 (UTC)


well i just got back from was kind of fun
surprisingly....we went to soak city...and had a
ball..nikki and paul are cool...well i was ready to come
back home when i t was time to do so....i wanted to see if
ken had left me an email...which he had....and it was
basically saying that his feelings were hurt because i
would accuse him of something that was way out of his
nature....but i said what i said and now we are back
friends again so i am cool with that ...anyhoo....back on
to something else .....
nathan called me yesterday...around 1am in the
morning ....i really don't know what is going on with
him....maybe him and jackie fell out so now he wants to be
back cool with me ...i don't know i don't know
what is going on in his life anymore considering that i do
not read his diary anymore...and that was the best decision
that i was just hurting my feelings everytime i
read his words....anyways...i am kind of out of it
today...these moving people are in my house....taking back
my furniture :( i am dissappointed that i could not keep
it but i am trying to be debt free and by doing that ...i
need to eliminate unneccessary shit...i am rarely here to
enjoy it and i don't host any kind of company i can
save up my money and get some really nice furniture...well
anyhoo...cookie is not taking the break up well with her
and deon...she is talking about slashing deon's
tires ...which is not good...i hope she gets out of this
violent way soon...i am the only person that can be that
well anyhoo i guess i will write you back later...after
they leave because they are really getting on my nerves