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2002-07-14 22:49:17 (UTC)

ok i dont know wut to do i kind..

ok i dont know wut to do i kind of got myslef in the worse
situation that has to do with relationships ever... ok this
guy that i use to have "flings with"(check other entries)
well anyways i was on the comp last night and i snapped
andi told him that i was horny and all this shit just some
stuff i had to get off my mind and while doing so i found
out that he wants to have a threesome with m and his best
friend and his best friend is a guy and his name is josh
and he's trying to get a hold of him now... i really want
or rather should i say a girl or something instead of guys
because im really starting to get turned off of it all like
i dont like looking at it and what i dont get is that guys
perfer girls to always be shaven although they never do the
same. even the fact that there chest are all hairy totally
turns me off and its like us girls have two different areas
and they only have one and i dont know it looks so deformed
like y is it that a guys dick is always so firm and u never
see them on there bad days and although a guy can see a
girls nipples when they arent hard and it only takes guys
10 mins when girls take up to 45 mins... they dont care
that if we go as far as they want that we could get
pregnate or even aids and would they stick around if they
find out that the child is theres or that there gf is dieing
i wish i was young again before all this bs where us girls
would like chase the guys around the playground just to
hold thee hand and how they would say miss me miss me now u
have to kiss me and u would just run after them until u did
catch them... now its like wow we've been "dating" key word
not even a realtionship and u want to get into my pants and
onother one its like we see each other maybe onece a month
and expect me to just sleep with u i mean come on get a life
anyways gtg back to my pathetic so called managable life
and face the music
what i really need is another persons point of view of wut
i should do

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