What My Life Holds 4 U
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2002-07-14 21:46:59 (UTC)

What Could Actually Get BETTER!

If you read my entry from yesterday, this would be the
second part! Well, you can tell by my entry title that
things have gotten better than ever! This is how it all
started so far today.
I woke up this morning to a phone ringing off the hook
like CRAZY! Have you ever been asleep and you can hear the
phone ringing in your dream??? Well, this is what was
happening to me, then I realized that the phone was REALLY
ringing! I jumped out my sleep and my mom was sweeping (I
guess she couldn't hear the phone over the noisey sweeper).
I looked on the caller ID and seen that the the caller was
PRIVACY MANAGER. I didn't know whether to pick up the phone
or not. When I finally decided to pick up the phone, I
found out the caller was my brother! When I tried to press
one before he hung up, he already hung up! So, I guess he
decided to call my sisters cell phone which woke her up.
She handed me the phone and said it was for me. I was
looking like, huh. Why would someone call on her phone for
me? She yelled at me to take the phone and I did.
After getting on the phone I realized it was my
brother, AGAIN. He told me he called the home phone but no
one answered, so he decided to call our sisters cell. THIS
IS THE GREAT PART. I ask him why he called this early, and
he said he was packing his sons things, my nephew, to bring
him home! I was so excited that I accidentally screamed!!!
He said that he would talk to me later when he got back in
Ohio. We hung up and I spread the news throughout the house.
It is now 5:35 and I can't wait any longer! I am trying
to figure out, how to keep myself from crying when he
arrives. I can't believe I will finally get to see him
talk, instead of just hearing him over the phone! When I
here a semi truck in town, I am running out the house to
chase it down, even if I am in my pj's!
Well, this is all I have to say for today. I hope you
read yesterdays before you read this one. I should have
another entry tomorrow, if I don't spend all day with my