2001-06-30 14:02:18 (UTC)


Hey I thought that my first entry might have confused you
all a little bit so just back tracking a little bit!

First of all my boyfriends name is Rj, he lived in milford
which was closer then where he now lives in Sharron, I've
been with him for 5 months now, We started going out in
febuary! Its now June! It's been like my longest
relationship! I love him very much n i've kinda calmed my
self down a little bit from when i first found out he was
moving and the day he was moving! Which is good i guess

I mentioned 3 girls in my last entry also, Sarah, Allison
and Mellisa. Well i used 2 b friends with all 3 of them! Ok
well now i have had it up to here with these 3 girls! They
piss the fuk outa me sometimes! Sarah has kinda toned down
i don't have to deal with her as much but Allison and
Mellisa never seem to give up!

See Allison USED to go out with RJ n then i came along so
obvously the better person got him! UH HUM! me! lol n now
that i have him, me n her are on the outs n she seems to
think she can get him bak! Well i highly doubt it! So she
IMs me n tells me all this bull shit like she kissed him
the last time she was here! (i do not know who is telling
me the truth there my boyfriend denies it but yet they
never give up on that one so i am not sure but w/e wo gives
a fuck!) n all this other shit just to piss me off well i
would like to tell her that she can take her fuk'n hoe ass
n shuv!

Mellisa is Allison's best friend n sarah's frist friend
ever i guess... but ok she is just retarded at first me n
her NEVER got along because she met me when me n sarah were
on outs which is like every other day with her! so we would
get along n then we wouldn't me n mellisa well i think it's
just retarded now... I don't see how she gets any athority
to sit there n call me slut when she gave 5 diff guys head
n one week n she sits there n tells me she was so drunk she
didn't know if the guy had a condom on when they were
fool'n around! Well alls i gutta say is she better hope he
did! but w/e i just don't like her theres really nothing
more to that one!

Sarah used to be my BESTFRIEND, but i dunno we were
perfectly fine like over last summer then we went bak to
skewl n it was horrible we fought all the time n it was
always all odds against me bcuz i knew how to be a best
friend n let the things that piss me off slide! But w/e it
doens't matter i never would want to be friends with her
again becuase she will do it again n im sorry but it's
pretty devistating when your best friend keeps getting mad
at you n you get into fights that last months! N it was
never just a fight between me n sarah, sarah needed to get
everyone that was my friend to turn against me too! she
couldn't be her own fuking person ever n that pisses me off
n that is NOT something i want in a friend, im just sorry
it took me so long to figure this out i put myself thru so
much fuking shit with her n i do not like it at all!

Another thing i mentioned, I want to loose weight n a lot
of it that way when i go bak to skewl i can shock people! N
i can say kiss my fuking ass to all those people who made
me feel like shit my freshman year! Just wait they'll see
when the NEW me comes in that first day of my Sophtmore

Well i guess that's it! I'll write more later if some more
shit happens!