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2001-06-30 13:35:48 (UTC)

some kind of perfect bliss...

hmm could've done with a couple more hours in bed, but had
to get up cos lindz had to catch her bus. sooo tired today

last night was brilliant, han was well surprised that we'd
planned it all out for her. did a lot of dancing with the
gals to lady marmalade n stuff. matt ended up getting
hornier n hornier as the night went on...i've got enough
hickys to sink a ship, n by the end he just ended up with
his hand down my trousers. sorry but there's a time n place
for everything. so i took him home n told him to sleep the
booze off.

think i drank too much last night, feel kinda groggy now.
gemma was being a complete slag. apparently she's back with
james again, just cos liam said no. dint stop her getting
off with browny, n then getting bored of browny n getting
off with luke. sorry but i'd never cheat on matt, that's
just wrong.

my dad bought a plasma ball today, heh they're well funky.
so want one in my room now.

random thought: i should be out sunbathing damnit.