Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-06-30 12:05:25 (UTC)

I Love My Job, I Love My Job, I Love My Job... Who Am I Kidding?!?!

If I had the luxury of picking and choosing my coworkers or
boss, I would be in heaven. If my day could`ve gotten any
worse, I would be in the blazing pit of satan`s lair...
WAIT, I was there today...
Ever have one of those days? Well, I had one of those days,
and it felt like a week instead of a day.

I know it`s hard to find a work environment where everyone
gets along and you feel like you`re around family. But
that`s where I work and I`m very lucky. It`s very
unfortunate though, the manager of my department (bless her
heart), doesn`t quite fit in. She tries, and boy, does she
try hard.

The thing that I don`t understand about her, is the fact
that you don`t know if your in her good graces or in her
path of unhappy enlightenment. She really throws me for a
loop... I`d rather be on a corkscrew rollercoaster, throwing
my guts out; than at work with a manager who can`t decide if
she wants to be Jeckyll or Hyde...

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