Raynewitch Ramblings
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2002-07-14 18:13:57 (UTC)

Excess Life

Mood: Gettin sleepy
Song: Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Its 2.10am here and Im only just begining to get sleepy,
its like I have all this excess life that Im wasting right
now, just because I cant sleep.

But really...what can I do at 2.10am thats really
productive? Nothing I believe....well nothing that isnt
going to wake up my partner and the neighbours maybe.....

The cats staring at me...she knows something I dont...

I hate having to wear these head phones, since the way the
PC sits, my back is to the door and I wont hear anyone come
in here.....that freaks me out...I cant be in control of
the situation then, and thats bad. Very bad.

Oh yeah 2.13am...Im strung out from little sleep over the
past week or so and Im getting super paranoid.....

Just because you arent paranoid doesnt mean they arent out
to get you!


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