Like a book
2001-06-30 10:42:36 (UTC)



i want to sit down and be able to write a masterpiece, a
great piece of literature that will draw in thousands to my
kick-ass site. No luck thus far.

So many people want to become writers, to a point where
like the acting industry, we have a saturated market.
There's no way I can succeed, but I guess I might as well

Saying that I am the worlds best hypocrite and therefore
I'll probably log off and forget everything, I'm good at
doing that, letting important things slip my mind.


Geography project, sometimes I hate guilt, most times I
hate guilt. We drew pieces of paper to decide who did what
in the project, I got the best one but then alice persuaded
me to swap, so I did, then Rosanna persuaded to swap AGAIN.
It seems the fact that I'd be away to do the conclusion was
the thing that stopped me from doing it, and again that's
my guilt because if I had taken it I wouldnt have been able
to do it. I turned Izo down for the group.

And i don't fell good about myself, I don't get a buzz from
getting the shitty part of the project, the whole point of
drawing paper was that it was fair.

*sigh sigh sigh*

I still can't bloody cartwheel, damn it. I decide to write
in this thing and I end up ranting, some fun reading back
will be.

I spilt some coke, it spread in to the shape of a skull
after hissing at me. hmmm, I feel like becoming famous.

How do I become famous, without commiting suicide in a
stupid way?

And I know this is filled with typos, is perfection only
obtainable in my head?