fake plastic diary
2002-07-14 15:47:19 (UTC)

sam's party

well hello my lovely
im just writin to keep u pretty much up to date on my
wonderfully exciting life. well, okay, im really writing
out of boredom. last nite i did go o sam's party afterall.
im pretty glad i did. there was me, chaz, gaz,xen, laura,
ben and tasha, popey, dave, and obviously sam. then there
was a loads of sams friends from her school who i dont
know. but we talked to some of them and stuff, and the ones
we talked to seemed nice enuff. her parents rented out the
scout/st johns ambulance hut thing and i suppose it was
pretty much the right size for us. i guess there were about
40 ppl there. her parents were there, but u dont complain
when they buy a load of booze for you. i didnt get pissed
(surprise surprise) but i did get a bit more drunk than i
normally do. mostly to fit in more. the other day lindsay
told me something that laura had said to her that really
got to me. lindsay bought laura some bailleys for her
birthday, cos laura is a piss head and i reckon shes gonna
end up an alcoholic one day, but laura said "whats the
point in you buyin alcohol, lisa's not gonna drink any
anyway" which is of course a ridiculous thing to say cos
thats got nothing to do with anything. but the point is,
thats how ppl see me. as a totally boring person. and i
hate alcohol . i cant be doing with it. i cant force myself
to drink lager or beer cos it tastes like shit and i just
feel sick from the taste. and i will drink alcopops and
stuf with vodka in, but to be honest, i dont really get
much of a kick out of doing it. the only good thing about
me is that one day i will make a really good designated
driver with no complaints.
well, to say that i wasnt as pissed as my friends, i had a
pretty good time. we danced a lot and chaz spent most of
her time hugging everyone and lying on ppl. nat the lesbian
tried to go with her, but luckily chaz was avin none of it.
samantha tried feelin my arse for a while. she was pretty
pissed, and she does have lesbian tendancies when shes
pissed. shes been with nat. i think my cousin was a bit
disapointed that sam didnt pay so much attention to him (i
said shes a bit of a slut) but he also went with this girl
who is apparently the school retard but he didnt know, so
that was pretty funny. its times like that party i really
wish i had a boyf. mostly i had someone to talk to all the
time, but then sometimes i just felt real lonely. i was
watching "would like to meet", u know that programme where
they take a hopeless person and turn them into a sexy
person who can get dates and stuff. well, i think i really
need to sort my life out in that sort of way. sigh. i had a
good lie in this morning, till dinner time. i needed that.
been out late 3 nites in a row. got nothing much to look
forward to now.....oh hang on, yes i have. im going on
holiday tomorrow. fuckin hell. a whole 5 days with margo
and her brats. i cant take it. argh! gonna go mad. maybe
the next time i email u will be from the comfort of a
padded cell. the thing thats depressing is that where once
i had a pile of tickets for gigs and things, theres now an
empty space. theres some gigs i wanna go to but theyre
mostly at the men arena thusly theyre expensive. gaz is now
our new friend. well, hes not my new friend cos ive know
him forever. but my friends like him. well, sam's been with
him and chaz and xen have hugged him. fair enuff they were
pissed, xens got a boyf and chaz dunt fancy him, i think,
but thats not the point. i need a new friend to get excited
over. one day u shud come up to manchester and come to a
gig with us. theres two spare rooms at my house now, and
theres always room in my bed.....it would be great if u did
go to a gig with us tho. cos we'd have all day to get to
know u and then we'd have a great evening and then well, u
know.... that is if we got on well. although knowing my
luck, u would fall in love with one of my friends like
evryone else does. but if u were forced to stay over at my
house then u would have to like me otherwise i wouldnt let
u stay and u'd be stranded in manchester. hehehe. i see a
lovely plan forming. i am serious tho.
but anyway, im gonna go to mums now. i hope wherever u've
been u had a really good time. i know that where im going i
wont be having a good time, but i'll tell u all about it
when i get back. sigh. i cant cope without getting email
from u for so long. that cant be a healthy thing. its like
going slightly insane without u to to keep me happy. shit
im mad.
love u loads, lisa whos going on a summer holiday, much to
her dismay.