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2002-07-14 15:20:55 (UTC)

So DoNe

i went bowling last night, and marc was there. i hung out
with him, and it didnt feel weird for me, it felt like
friends. i thought i was gonna feel akward around him since
i started likeing him, but i didnt. i seriously dont think
i ever really liked him or maybe i like him as friends, i
mean omg is he hott but i dunno. hes all into Nici now,
which i think is great and all but she has a man, and she
doesnt live around here. more power to him.( lol ) Anyway,
i think imma stay away from guys for a while, or wait
better yet, im only gonna focus on one guy, MauRicE. cuz
shit always turns out bad for me when im going after like 6
guys, ive learned my lesson. dont gotta tell me twice.