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2002-07-14 14:37:14 (UTC)

What i did last night just to play a game!!!!!

Well let me tell everyone i am the biggest retard in the
whole wide world.... Last night i was so bored that i
desided to try everquest with ken so i started to install
it on my computer and well it didnt work.. So we tried it
like 5 more times and still it didnt work... So i desided
after no thought that number one that my computer had been
given me and ass load of problems and that number to i
really wanted to play the damned game...

So i deside to reformatt my computer with out thinking mind
you... Now ken says to me you know you will lose everything
dont you * Me not thinking ok* Well ill just get my poetry
off there on a floppy... Well he says it again now you know
your art collection you have been working a year on will be
gone right and you music and your anime and your files and
anything else on here will be gone *again with me not
thinking* i absently minded got my poetry folder off the
machine and layed down.. He started the process and well he
asked me are you sure once.. *me* yup.. Again are you sure
he says *me* yes im sure do do doooo dooo.... One last time
dood do Nope im sure go for it... SO he clicks the button
to erase everything ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wait no i forgot my
pics on there of my friends and family and my dad and
daughter NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck fuck fuck!!!!
Shit shit shit son of a BITCH!!!!! and then i started to
cry and sob becos most of those pics i cant replace some of
those people are dead.....

SO i did all that for a game you see a game just a fucken
game i ruined things becos i was bored and wanted to play a
game.... ARGGGGGGGGGGG! Jeebus how stupid am i sometimes
huh???? Crist..... SO i spent the rest of the night
depressed of my ass becos i made a really dumb desion like
i usually do...

Well ill write more later Mistra