my life sux
2002-07-14 14:02:37 (UTC)

Seizures starting back up again and I'm frustrated why me?

Hello Diary,
It's starting back up again daily I believe but I can't be
Why is this happening to me?
I've never done anything in life for all this to happen to
It's like I'm being punished for something I did!
I didn't do anything when I was a baby that's for sure.
I'm tired of putting on the happy face for everyone and
acting like it's alright with me and I'm not angry.
I'm a very angry person and I'm not suppose to show my anger
people say because I'm and adult not a child.
These seizures have been with me since I was two years old.
I've never been without them.
I've never been able to work or drive because of these
stupid seizures.
I'm suppose to be fine though.
It doesn't work that way though!!!!!!!!!!