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2002-07-14 09:05:17 (UTC)

The Last Time

"I just don't give a shit."
I said this nonchalantly, sparing myself it's details
Thinking of the last time I saw you
My emotions never ran deep for you
But for a reason, you existed.

Your mind surrounds a concept I kept on the outside
Did you ever want me inside?
You will I really know the answer
To why you no longer exist?

Love you, I could never.
Our love would be a massacre
Our love..belongs dead.

You wrenched the nerve in me, deeper than love
"You've peaked my curiosity."
I'll never ask you, that is the mind game that we are.

Correct me, just don't leave me in silence forever.
No pain, but a sense of relief
Frustration, only, when I spit an obvious cover-up

"I just don't give a shit."

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