Scarlet's Life
2001-06-30 07:09:25 (UTC)


Hey, Well, as of June 30th me andDane's been together for a
month and 9 days... I have to spend this weekend well 3
days, away from him.. NOOOOOOO I don't know what to
do.?.? I already miss him and I havn't seen him in a lil
over a day.. I mean it will b the longest time we've been
apart since we hooked up.. I fell to fast but i love
it... I'm for the first time since Ben got arrested in a
good mood... a TRUELY good mood... speaking of
Ben.. He's OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! it suxs!.. It fucked up
things between me and Dane for a lil. I don't know what to
do... but ummmmm.... I'm goin for mow it's hard to type
with nails.