good times, good times
2001-06-30 06:56:38 (UTC)

barbie mini-van

smells of disaster are
lurking on my breath.
can you smell it?
for all our sakes i hope you can...
and i hope you can't.
the anticipation of our downfall
makes my heart race and
i have begun to pant.
oh please dont' mind me, bt
god! why haven't you noticed?
if you would just look you would
see what's happening. you might
stop me...or stop us. won't you
please just stop something? i
never was good at making the

in the days of barbies & bar-b-q's
life was simple
there were 2 undeniable facts:
boys were icky &
altoids and jolly ranchers were really just candy
now that it's all zimas and zebra stripped face plates,
my faith in the 2 undeniable facts
has grown a little shakey,
and i kinda miss my barbie mini-van.

my circle is coming to an end
i'm only a extremely scared
the only way to go is out
but the centripital motion's
gonna send me every where

how do you learn
to live
your life is

what do you do
when it's all
peaches n cream?

when do you know
for sure
you aren't just

why do you deserve
such a
as a life

who decides who the lucky
ones are and
why did they pick

atlas had to carry the world on his shoulders
but mine just fell apart, and i
think it is worse
it's even heavier to have nothing.
i know because i used to have everything.

you stared hard into my eyes
a tear on your cheek
with a silence i couldn't ignore
you killed me a thousand times
and although quite dead
i breathed those worthless words
i'm sorry
trying to patch up the wounds
i had so carelessly inflicted

two deep lacerations
traveled the length of your chest
and i could see your heart
beat pitiously for me
the life and vigour nearly gone
i died a thousand more times
as i thought of what all
i would give to repair your wounds
and return the rhythem to your broken heart

but plaster and thread won't do the trick
because you are fading fast
and while someday someone
might be found to heal you and love you
it cant be me
i am poison to you
poison kills
so i will die a thousand more times
but complain i will not
for i made my own fate

my shoes fallin apart cus
the sole fell off
and even thought hese are my favorite shoes
my friends think it's funny
so they're kicking it around
this really isn't cool
your friends are supposed
to help you fix your shoes
when they break
not use your torn sole
for their games.