Manny Fresh

Manny Fresh's Life
2002-07-14 06:10:11 (UTC)

Nuttin Much

Dear Diary,
Daing Its Been A Long Time(Well Not Really)Since Ive
Wrote An Entry!Its All Because Honestly I Can Only Write
When Im Down And Well I Havent Lately And The Only Reason
Im Writting Now Is Too Keep Myself Updated Ya Know!So
Anyways Life's Been Going Better Then Before I Just Cant
Believe That We Only Have Bout 9 Days Of Summer School Left
And About A Month Till Be Go Back To School(August 19)Ohh
Ohh Its All Bout That O3 S-E-N-I-O-R-S!!Seriously I Wanna
Go And Get This Year Over With And Head Out To The Marines
And Start A New Life!Ok Well Anyways I Figured Today I
Still Need To Go Get My Senior Pics,Ring,Senior T-Shirt And
All This Other Bull Crap.Grrr..... I Better Not Leave It TO
The Last Minute I Swurre.Man I Also Cant Wait Till My
Senior Trip To Cancun Geeeeeeshhhh Whoooo.Well About Whats
Going On Or What Ive Been Up Is Well Working Im Almost
There To Get My Car I Know Ill Have It By My B-Day Fo Sho
(Honda Prelude)Perhaps Even Earlier.AnyWays Friday I Went
To Go Chill Over My Cuz'N Danny Crib-O Like Always And I
Took Two Chicks Rosanna And Kay It Was Crazy There Soo
Freaken Loud And Goofy So We Just Drank It Up And Kicked It
LOL And Saturday(Tonight)I Just Went With
Tristan,Amanda,Dana And My Cuz Out TO Eat And Chill Nuttin
Big But Gettin My Mind Set Straight.Ohhhhhhh Friday
Grrr..... I Felt Soo Bad I Swurre Ok I Went To The Bank
With My Mom To Cash My Check Well She Comes Back And Only
Gives Half The Money Im Like Wheres The Rest!!!Shes Like I
Deposited I Was Pissed( I Only Wanted To Deposit A Certain
Amount And She Did More Than Expected I Was Like WHAT THE
FUCK!!!SO I Pilled Out The Parking Lot And Took Off She Was
All Scared She Didnt Say A Word I Looked At Her Face And It
Seemed As She Wanted To Cry....I Didnt Know What Too Do I
Wanted To Apologize But I Dunno I Just Couldnt I Was Scared
Too! So Anyways I Felt Soo Bad I Wanted To Cry Ya Dont Know
I May Not Show My Mom Feeling Or ANything But She Means The
World To Me And Thats The Only Person I Would Trully Die
For Besides Other Family Members. If It Wasnt For My Mom i
Wouldnt Be Who Iam. I WOuldnt Wear The Clothes And SHoes I
Do!I wouldnt Be Here! Shes Everything To Me And Im Thankful
To God For Giving Me A Great Mom I Just Wish I Knew How To
Show Her How Much She Means To Me.I Love Ya MOM!!!
!Well Anyways I Gots To Go I Got A Friend To Help Ta-Ta I
Hope She Feels Better!

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