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2001-06-30 06:22:49 (UTC)

Fun fun

~*Krystal is staying the night right now.Her and leslie
r "sleeping" right now.Really there upstairs talking and
theres no room for me.I hate being a twin.I invited krystal
and leslie wont let me get near her.We went to the movies
and saw A.I. and it was soo fun other then i was at the end
all left out.I cried 6 times during that movie bc it was so
sad...for me atleast.I think im pmsing.Things r starting to
piss me off and there so lil.This morning for instence i
was talking to eric and he seemed like he was in a bad mood
but im not sure if it was jus me or not.Well he kept
correcting me on everything i said so i was like fine im
not talking to u ne more and i didnt.Well finally after he
was like u know i luv ya and his lil sad face i said ok
fine.But we didnt talk and then when i had to go i said
thanx for the grammar lesson and got off.Im being a
bitch.Im trying sooo hard not to be.U jus dont understand
how hard it is.Ne wayz gettting back to movies...leslie
smelled this one girls hair that worked there bc some guy
that worked there was like "smell her hair it smells
good"so les did it lol.She asked her what kinda shampoo
does she use and bla bla.Les also spilled her drink on some
ppl that were sittin infront of us and asked some dude for
their lid bc krystal lost hers.He gave it to's
bearded dragon died today.Bobbi jus told me bout it.It was
a fun day.Tomorrow im dreading bc my cousin and his 4
annoying,spoiled kids r visiting.They're over my dads.But
krystal will be there too so thats cool.I do not need this
when im pmsing.oh wells.Erics finally on and everyone got
off so hes the only one on which is cool.I knew if he didnt
get on that there would be noone to talk to lol.My ppl r
day ppl.hehe.