Just a Girl
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2002-07-14 05:32:11 (UTC)


Just got back from babysitting the Bertolucci's from 5:50 -
12. Ugh! I would consider a good day for me. With that
run in the morning and then I played tennis with my dad,
then I went to Kaitlyn's then I went to babysit, so there
wasn't really any time for binging, thank goodness. I did
eat some ice cream and Cheetos at the Bertolucci's, so
that's not good, but other than that...

Corn flakes after run
lucky charms marshmallows :)
dinner mints
some cheetos
some ice cream
hot chocolate

That's all I can remember at least. So compared to some of
my days recently, it was pretty good. Tomorrow I think I'm
going to run, except a different way...I get really
frustrated with running because it's so boring, so I have
to change it up alot. Anyway, goodnight to you all!

I was just wondering if anyone ever really leaves messages
for other people. So, if anyone happens to read this, do
you normally leave messages or just read 'em and leave?
Just curious...