good times, good times
2001-06-30 06:18:08 (UTC)

working for attention(i promice this isn't depressing!)

i can't remember if i have ranted and raved about matt
being a dickhead or not. well anyway, he's being one.
usually i would just say ok, whatever. why put up with shit
ya know? but i cant seem to do that. i think that the
reason why is that this is the first time i have ever been
flat out rejected. i've never had a guy not want to date
me, and i've never had a guy break up with me. actually i
haven't actually been rejected yet, he's just being stupid,
but in a way it's like being rejected. never in my life has
this happened to me before. he's ignoring me. it's kinda
cool actually...i usually get tired of guys cuz i don't
have to work for them-they just latch on to me like there's
no tomorrow, but with matt on the other hand, i actually
have to work for the attention. this is so cool, like
having a goal or something. this could actually be fun if
he keeps acting like this. it'll be something to do...