my simple small world
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2002-07-14 04:25:50 (UTC)


I finally figured I should start an online journal...I
don't know why....boredom perhaps, but I really don't know.
So anyways, today was really boring.I got up, watched
cartoons, went to work, and hung out with austin...the
highlight of my day was seeing austin.He came here to visit
since he's home from college.He's one of the few people I
don't find it a chore to hang out with.
Tonite, if I get the body jewelry (goin to a 6g), I plan to
gage up my ears again.Someone asked me why I was doing
that, gaging up (I don't remember who asked), but honestly
I don't know.I'm not doing it to be mainstream and be cool
or whatever.And I'm not doing it to be different.(That's
two very contradictive things to be mainstream and to be
different.)I guess it's since I like how it looks.Also I'm
somewhat of a masochist.
I want to get my tongue pierced again....As of now I have a
navel ring (I did it myself and a piercer told me it healed
fine-imagine that I knew what I was doing),a tongue ring,
an 8 g in the bottom whole of each ear, upper cartledge of
my ears pierced, and 2 lower normal earrings.Before the end
of summer I plan to get my tongue done again (further
back), my eyebrow (the end of this month hopefully if
mommie cooperates), and my nipples....yesyes I know...ouch
and ewww at the same time.But it's bad enough I have small
tits, might as well sparkle them up a bit with piercings.
I don't know where my interest for piercing started....I
have a recording of me when I was about 5 saying how I
wanted to have a nose ring and lots of
something when I was really young must of started this love
for decorating the flesh....
But I think it's stupid to get pierced to be "cool"...or
"freaky"...I can't stand
Ok's I'm gonna go smoke a cigg...and see what's on nick at
nite..(I love nick at nite)...I plan to break my petty
addiction of smoking before new years I swear....SERIOUSLY!