nobody cares
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2002-07-14 03:19:28 (UTC)

dont know wut to do

lately i feel so away from the world like no body
understands me and nobody wants to listen.. i want to
expiriment so much stuff riht now and of course the time
that im ready for it theres no volenteers
a: i think that i want to have a lesbian
strings attached just one night thats all ... that is my
number one dream
i dont know if its because i've never really tryed it
before or because the only guys im getting are jerks that
just see how far u go and then say see ya later... and i
dunno they arent as gross as guys either but i think im bi-
curious its actually a thing i looked it up today
see theres nobody that im interested in its just i which i
could exspiriment

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