2001-06-30 04:56:45 (UTC)

The 848 Crash (Part III) - [23:05] April 23, 2355

Mokkan immediately sent a terse order to the rest of the
team. "Switch to combat weapons! Odd numbered units, thin-
bullet machine weapons, even numbers, grenade weapons!"

Chris and Mokkan both switched to their slim-round machine
guns and leaned around the left side of their shields,
mowing down the now-visible human troops. Grenades soon
began landing in the middle of the ranks, blowing pieces of
the unfortunate humans every direction.

The fight was short and brutal, and when it was over, the
Amian side had suffered only one major injury and he was
carted away to a hospital. The rest, suffering only minor
wounds, if that, quickly surrounded the plane as Mokkan,
Chris, and two other SWAT members climbed up the side of
the plane and rolled into the doorway.

Mokkan, first in, immediately stood up and pointed his
weapon down the aisle. Seeing no threat, he stood and
turned back to help his fellow Amians into the plane.

He froze as he felt the muzzle of a rather large Human-style weapon
nudge the back of his neck. "One false move and I'll kill you where
you stand."

Mokkan began to sweat as he raised his hands and turned his head
slightly to see who had threatened him.

A pair of glistening silver eyes surrounded by rough brown reptilian
skin stared back at him.

Mokkan relaxed. "Oh, God, Tyler, it's me, Mokkan. Chill out."

Tyler lowered the gun and sighed. "Oh, ok. Good thing you're here;
there're quite a few wounded." He peered down the center aisle of
the airplane. "Looks like he had to kill a few to get up to the
cockpit and commandeer the plane."

Mokkan nodded solemnly. "Well, let's...hold on, Tyler, why didn't
you just kill him with your bare hands in the first place?"

Tyler shook his head. "He was always far enough away that he could
have killed another innocent by the time I got to him. Looks like he
did his homework."

"Yeah, ok...come on, help me get these other guys up in here, then
we'll take care of the wounded."

He went over to the door in the side of the plane where Chris had
already struggled up and in and was helping the other two up. "Come
on, Chris, let's go down the aisle, find out how badly wounded each
one is, and hand them to Tyler and Sarah accordingly."

"Say what?"

Mokkan sighed. "Watch." He went to the first Amian sitting in the
first seat of the first row and knelt beside her. "What's your name?"

She looked at him with a leery eye, then responded. "Catherine."

Mokkan looked up at Chris. "See? She can speak." He turned back to
Catherine again. "Now, can you walk?"

She nodded. "I think so." She stood up and took a few tottering
steps. "Yeah."

Mokkan nodded and smiled. "Good." He then turned back to
Chris. "You see? She's green. She'll go where the other greens
go. The basic pattern is if they can walk and tell you their name,
they're green. If they can tell you their name, but can't walk,
they're yellow. If they can't do either or they're unconcious,
they're red. Now, all three of you, go to it!"

They immediately leapt into action. Mokkan led Catherine over to the
door where she had to jump down into Tyler's waiting arms. He caught
her, then ran over to the green triage area with superhuman speed.
Sarah replaced him as he ran off, caught a victim of her own, and
sped off with him. Soon, the four Amians in the plane were
collecting and catagorizing the victims so quickly that two or three
volunteers were required to catch one in lieu of one of the raptors.

Even so, the effort took hours on end. Hour after hour, the 700
victims were carried out of the plane and transferred to the
specified triage area. Mistake were inevitable, and a few red
patients were accidentally placed into the yellow area and vice
versa. What all the volunteers and victims were most afraid of,
however, was that in the rush to bag the dead, an almost dead red
victim would be unable to alert the rescuers if they were mistakenly
bagged. This problem was solved by leaving the body bags open just
slightly until a real doctor could give the supposed dead Amian a
quick check. This prevented any ghastly mistakes of that nature.

Mokkan straightened and cracked his back painfully; it was stiff from
leaning over for the three hours he'd been in the plane. But he
stuck to his duty; he would not rest until every Amian on the plane
was taken off and saved. He turned back to his effort.