Rantings of a Crazed Mom
2001-06-30 04:56:41 (UTC)

The Lost Keys

Today was interesting - I was awoken (at 645am no less) to
the sounds of my darling husband muttering curses to
himself. Turns out he has misplaced his keys and seems to
be going crazier with each passing minute. So, I end up
getting up and wandering around the house, trying to help
him. Of course, he is pissed off and I am WAY cranky (after
having stayed up until 215am reading). He ends up calling
out of work because of his missing keys...... He putters
around the house and yard all day - even got a lot of stuff
done... I am proud of him. There is a LOT of shit to do
around here.

Meanwhile - I was baby-sitting my friend's son for a few
hours..what a cutie he is ::sigh:: Boy, did I get baby
pangs today!! Quick, someone slap me. Olivia didn't seem to
mind Aaron but she went in for a nap about an hour after he
arrived. Moira played with him for a little while but I
think she got bored with him rather quickly..

Speaking of Moira - the poor damn kid. She is out of her
mind lately. These crying/whining jags are murder. She got
to bed pretty early tonight - If we keep this up, maybe our
Jekyll/Hyde soon to be 5 yr old will turn back to our cute
little Moira. She doesn't do so well when her schedule is
messed up..

Saturday will be pure craziness... Moira has a birthday
party to go to and then we are going to Donna and Tom's
place for a BBQ. Joy of Joys..hanging out with her snooty
friends and uptight husband and family - what fun...such

Oh..forgot to add - Paul found his keys...on TOP of the
minivan...in the roof racks. He must have put them there
last night while unloading the sand bags out of the van. He
saw them today when we were out at WalMart. I can't believe
they actually STAYED on top of the van. I mean..I was
driving at 40 MPH at least! Weird weird weird...

Nighty nite..more later