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2002-07-14 02:40:38 (UTC)

degrating night

well i had my orientation for buffalo state the other
night. it was fun i guess. i had to stay in the dorms and
sighn up for my classes. i hung out with lu and steph
kostempski. then last night i went to the movies with mo.
then tonite greg called and i was tired of making excuses
to not hang out with him so i just went to his house. his
oarents were away and his brother was out. so we watched a
movie in his baement and near the end he started kissing me
which i had been avoiding all night. thenwhen his brother
left we went upstairs and he took off my underwear and
started fingering me and eating me out. he has a beard now
so it did not feel that good, in fact it hurt, then i
started to jerk him off but i didnt want to so i told him i
wanted to watch him masterbate. so we watched each other
but i felt like i was gonna fall asleep then i wanted to
finish so i could leave so i suucked on him and i jerked hi
ff til he cumed on my shirt-grrr. then he tried t get meoff
again and i ended up faking it bc i was too tired to fuc
around. we almost fucked too bc i was wearing a skirt and
he had his pants off and we were humping but thank god i
stopped that before it started lol.

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