Life Sucks
2002-07-14 02:22:30 (UTC)


Ok I had the weirdest dream last night, and it was something
that actually happened to me like a loooooong time ago...
well heres what happened:
I was at the stupid girls camp my parents made me go to and
I was laying in bed talking to my friend Becka, well we were
talking about all the cute guys at the boys camp across the
lake and stuff and then Roberta woke up and told us to shut
up and go to sleep. We stopped talking for a while then me,
becka and sarah went for a walk. It was pitch dark outside
and it was really scary. well we ended up at the other cabin
thinger, so we went inside and tara was awake well we walked
all the way across the camp to where the washroom and
kitchen and everything is and we say down under a tree. We
were sitting there for god knows how long until someone came
up with the bright idea to go over to the guys camp. Okay,
we got to the lake and assumed it was shallow enough to walk
through, or at least swim. well we get half way and it gets
really hard to go either way... well we finally got across
and went to go see some guy i think his name was gordon or
something like that. well him and like 2 other guys i forget
who they are we layed at the side of the lake talking and we
fell asleep. when we woke up the guys counsellor was yelling
at us something about tresspassing and to go back to our
camp. we go to the lake and its moving too fast to get
across so we're stuck. i see people coming out of their
cabins and roberta comes over and is laughing at us. we were
in soooo much trouble. the guys counsellor takes us back to
our camp and our counsellor yells at us and we get grounded
to our cabin for the rest of the week. then i woke up. it
was weird.

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