The Not So Secret Confessions Of Kat
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2002-07-14 01:50:00 (UTC)

hmmmm lots of stuff

oh man im so not ready to start school again. i just wish i
didn thave to get used to another new school all over
again. this will be the 4th new school iev been to in the
last 3 years. groan groan groan. i mean im glad im finally
starting high school not that im looking forwrd to it or
anything but it means im closer and closer to being done
with school and its the last mandatory schooling ill have.
i do plan on going to college but its nice knowing you dont
have to. but i atleast wish i wasnt just starting it. id
rath be starting 10th or 11th or 12th but not 9th. i hate
school but i do eventually get used to the torcher but it
will be so hard after such a nice break. i wish it was
christmas or spring break instead of the nearing end of
summer break. atleast we'll be half way through if it was
christmas. i dont want summer to end but i really want to
fall over with. ok now ill talk of something else the
school subject depresses me. my friends mom has lost it.
shes gone crazy. she deperatly wants to be rich. she wants
to soi badly that she will jepordize the rest of her
families fellings and future. she wants to move to this
beach condo in galvetson ( an OK place to visit but i
horrible place to go to school) anyway its a long story and
it really pisses me off when i talk about it so ill leave
it at that. ok i dont have much to say and its raining so
adios au revoir goodbye :)