Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-14 01:05:44 (UTC)

Left wondering.......

Well today i got online again.... As usual like i always do
and i got into a convo with a past friend i say past friend
becos he no longer wants to talk to me anymore.. *sob*

But i cant do anything about it i am above begging for
people not to be mad at me and i dont think he will take an
appology... But the reason for him not speaking to me again
i beieve is becos i expressed my views on dom and sub
relationships.. I dont have many limits when it comes to
certain things like bloodletting, sex, animals, bondage...
ect... Now i am so strange as into say that i would even
let someone video tape some of the things i would do...

But when i voice myself on an issue that i would NOT do
something my ex friend got mad and desided not to speak to
me again.. I happened to like this person allot and its
bothering me more than just a little bit that one fight
brought out little friendship to an end......... See this
is something not allot of people know When you are in a
Sub, Dom relationship Even though you might submitt
yourself to your Master... But that is not the point you
have a right to say stop and NO! And if you Master cares
for you at all then they will stop completely.. That is the
power of being a sub... You are trusting someone with you
body, heart and soul. And it isnt hard to abuse any of
those if you are not with the right person..... That is why
i could never be with anyone again who will refuse to stop
when i ask of it..... like is said i have issues with trust
becos my trust was broken with my last Master when he
desided that no matter what i said he would continue....
Abuse is abuse........ Moral of this story is if you are
thinking about getting into a relationship such as i
described make sure you know the person..............

Ill write more later Mistra *sob*