Sporty Tomboy

2001-06-30 03:53:58 (UTC)

Sex and the City: Season 4

49. "The Agony and the 'Ex'-tasy"
The girls get ready for a Saturday night out at an engagement party,
but are dismayed when they see the invitation - it announces that the
couple has "Two souls, one thought." After the party, Charlotte shows
up at Trey's apartment wanting to talk. When she includes "sex life"
under their list of problems, Trey tries to convince her otherwise.
But instead of being convinced by Trey's passionate advances,
Charlotte ends up with an unpleasant surprise on her leg. At the
coffee shop, the girls discuss the concept of "soulmates."
Afterwards, Samantha spies a hot priest outside a church. The next
day, she spends her afternoon masturbating to "her priest." Over
drinks, the girls discuss masturbation fantasies, and Charlotte
admits that recently she masturbates to only one man - Trey. Samantha
takes some canned peas to her priest, but is disappointed when he
tells her that his life is about "other joys" than sex. Carrie
wonders: "Are soulmates a reality, or a torture device?" Samantha
decides to throw Carrie a "fabulous lite" 35th birthday get-together
at Il Cantinori. When all her friends are late, Carrie is left at a
table for ten all alone. At the coffee shop, Carrie admits that while
she was sitting alone at the table, she felt sad that she was 35 and
had no special man in her life. Charlotte suggests that the girls
could be each other's soulmates - and men could just be in their
lives for fun. Returning home, Carrie spots Big's car. He's brought
her red balloons and champagne. They sit in his car and talk
about "soulmates."

50. "The Real Me"
Carrie faces a bit of an identity crisis when she's asked to be in a
big fashion charity show featuring both models and real people.
Samantha, on the other hand, has no problem baring her body
beautiful, and decides to have nude photographs taken, insisting
they're for herself, not for men. Utterly unaware of her sex appeal,
Miranda is shocked when Dave, a guy from Crunch gym, tells her she's
sexy and asks her out. Carrie realizes we can see our friends
perfectly, but we can't seem to see ourselves clearly. After some
convincing from her friends - and when she finds out she can keep the
outfit - Carrie decides to be a "model." Meanwhile, Charlotte
discovers that she has "vulvodynia" and that she needs to take anti-
depressants not for her mind but for her vagina. The girls are
surprised when Charlotte reveals that she's never looked at herself
up-close because she finds herself ugly down there. Miranda's first
date with Dave is a success and she starts enjoying feeling sexy.
However, when she exhibits her self-confidence on their second date,
Dave doesn't respond. Samantha brings in her nude photo to be framed
and is dismayed when the framer doesn't react to her body. On the
night of the fashion show, Carrie is informed there's been a wardrobe
change and she has to wear a tiny pair of jeweled underwear. She
freaks, but all done up and looking fabulous, Samantha assures her
that she is a model. Carrie starts her walk down the runway only to
fall flat on her face. Faced with a choice, Carrie gets back up and
finishes her catwalk to cheers. Her act of bravery inspires the
girls. Miranda confronts Dave about why he hasn't called her and
finds out he thinks she full of herself. Samantha's night is made
when she a take-out delivery guy sees her photo and comments on
her "nice ass," and Charlotte grabs a mirror and takes a good, hard

51. "Defining Moments"
Carrie goes barhopping with Big and finds that their relationship
as "friends" has never been better. Charlotte and Trey are enjoying
themselves as well - having steamy sex in coatrooms and other public
places around the city. However, Charlotte starts to wonder where she
and Trey are headed. Out on the town again with Big, Carrie is drawn
to jazz musician Ray King, who flirts with her and gets her number.
Big is noticeably annoyed and Carrie realizes they need to define
their relationship. Meanwhile, Miranda is a little freaked out when
her date Doug pees in front of her the morning after their first
night together. Miranda decides that she should go with the flow, and
tries peeing with the door open herself. However, Doug takes the no-
boundaries thing too far, subjecting Miranda to an "open door dump"
after which Miranda quickly dumps him. At Charlotte's gallery
opening, Samantha meets Brazilian artist and lesbian, Maria. Maria,
a "relationship person" is attracted to Samantha, but Samantha says
they should stick to being friends as she's NOT a relationship
person. On Carrie's first date with Ray King, they run into Big and
his supermodel date, plus Samantha and Maria. Big is clearly being
territorial about Carrie, and Samantha tells Big to "back off." At
the end of the evening, Big is distant with Carrie, leaving her
confused. Maria tells Samantha they can't just be friends and
Samantha decides to try being in a relationship with a woman. Carrie
and Ray share a passionate goodbye kiss and Carrie ponders the notion
that "what ultimately defines a relationship is another relationship."

52. "What's Sex Got to Do With It?"
At drinks with the girls, Carrie announces that she has had a "mind-
blowing" orgasm with Ray. She confides that she usually doesn't
experience that kind of orgasm with someone she doesn't love. She
wonders: "How much of sex is the connection?" Samantha has some news
of her own: she is in a real "relationship" - with Maria. She tells
the girls that Maria has opened her eyes to the joys of "making love"
with an emotional connection. Charlotte wonders why she can't "have
the sex AND the relationship" with Trey. She worries that Trey will
never ask her to move back in to their apartment, even though their
sex life is going so well. After Trey asks Charlotte to "measure his
John Thomas," Charlotte storms out of the apartment. But Trey shows
up at Charlotte's apartment the next day to ask her to move back in
with him, and she accepts. Miranda, on the other hand, has sworn off
sex. She says that she can't cope with another bad date - she is on
strike. Anyway, what is a man when you can have a relationship with a
delicious eclair? Carrie tries to bring her relationship with Ray up
to speed with the sex, but whenever she tries to talk with Ray, he
can't seem to focus on anything other than his music, or getting her
into bed. She decides that she is going to have to hold out for both:
the mind-blowing sex AND the relationship.

53. "Ghost Town"
When Miranda bumps into Steve, he announces that he's opening up his
own bar and invites her to the opening. Miranda feels conflicted as
she was the one who had encouraged him to be so ambitious when they
were in a relationship. Carrie also receives an invitation to the
opening of "Scout" and is shocked to read that Aidan is
Steve's "silent partner." That night, Miranda is awoken by strange
sounds and thinks there's a ghost in her building. Carrie is worried
that the way she treated Aidan will haunt her the rest of her life.
When she goes to Scout to thank Aidan for inviting her, Steve admits
that it was he who invited her, not Aidan. Devastated, Carrie runs
out before Aidan can see her. Charlotte embarks on redecorating her
and Trey's apartment, but she's thwarted by her mother-in-law Bunny's
domineering influence over Trey. Bunny and her decoys and dust
ruffles haunt Charlotte. Charlotte stands up to Bunny and says she's
the new woman of the house, but Bunny says she'll be around forever.
After walking in on Trey and Charlotte in the act, Bunny is
completely frazzled and Charlotte is freed of her ghost. Meanwhile,
Samantha is tiring of her relationship with Maria which is all about
taking baths and talking about feelings. Samantha tells Maria she
wants "fireworks," inspiring Maria to smash Samantha's dinnerware.
After a couple days, Maria returns with a gift: a "strap-on." At the
opening of Scout, Samantha tells Carrie and Miranda that she and
Maria broke up, even after trying the "strap-on." Steve gives Miranda
credit for the idea for the bar, and poof Miranda's ghost is gone.
However, Aidan barely acknowledges Carrie. Later, Carrie goes out
back for a smoke and finds Aidan there. Though little is said, the
atmosphere is intense and Carrie realizes that she's more haunted
than ever before.

54. "Baby Talk Is Cheap"
Carrie is tormented because she can't stop thinking about Aidan. She
admits to the girls that she wants him back. Miranda suggests
emailing Aidan. Carrie gives it a go and writes "I miss you" in her
first message to Aidan. Miranda meets a cute guy, aka "Marathon Man,"
in her running group and they arrange to go for a run together, which
leads to a post-workout workout. Miranda is surprised when Marathon
Man puts his tongue where no man has gone before. Charlotte has other
things on her mind as she and Trey talk about having a baby. However,
when she invites over a couple with three kids, the reality of
parenting looks a little less appealing and Charlotte and Trey take a
break from their attempts to procreate. After 36 hours, Aidan still
hasn't responded and Carrie breaks down and calls him. She arranges
for them to go out with Miranda and Steve. After dinner, she tells
Aidan that she wants to get back together with him. Aidan says he
can't do the relationship thing. Undeterred, Carrie returns to his
apartment later that night and tries to convince him to give her a
second chance. Aidan finally just screams, "You broke my heart" and
Carrie runs home again. Over at Miranda's apartment, Marathon Man not
so subtly tries to get Miranda to do some reciprocal licking, but she
realizes she just can't. At the next marathon training session, she
races right past him. Samantha, who has been sleeping with MBA man,
Warren, is turned off by his baby talk in bed. When she suggests he
stop, Warren takes offense and storms out like the big baby he is.
Speaking of babies, Charlotte and Trey decide that one baby will be
okay and get back to work. Back at Carrie's place, Aidan shows up and
without any words, the two have passionate sex. In the morning,
Carrie tells him that she still loves him and wants to be his
girlfriend, but Aidan says he needs to think about it. Later that
day, Aidan returns and says, "Ok, let's give it a shot."

55. "Time and Punishment"
Can you ever really forgive if you can't forget? Carrie and Aidan
deal with a series of distractions in attempting to re-define their
relationship. Samantha takes a stand for gender equality in below-the-
belt grooming. Charlotte faces a tough decision between work and
family, while Miranda learns the value of taking a break after being
sidelined by a back injury.