9 Lives to Live
2002-07-13 20:31:19 (UTC)

Saturday, July 13, 2002

This is the beginning of a new me. My re-birth I guess.
With this diary and whoever reads it as my witness, im
gonna make promises I plan to keep for the rest of my life.
there are really no rules for this diary, just all out
confessions of a teen-aged aleighcat. let's see today.
nothing really, got back from canadia last nigh, everyone
was gone today. i wonder if kristin and i r okay, we
havn;t really talked much. i think so. maybe i'll call her
im so confused on the guy scene right now. i don't even
know who i like, sure, ryan is hot and chris nye is
amazingly good looking, but they only caught my eye,not my
heart. well, chris is a lil closer to catching it, if we
ever talked. but he is adoarble and very nice, but he is
going to resrve.:-( so i won;t see him ever. an im out f
town for hudstock! ahhhhhhhhhhhh
i just found out last night that one of my close guy
friends likes me, and has since april. i dk what to do cos,
he has been waiting for me forever, and i like his goal or
something ahhhh! no names tho, a promise is a promise.
that's everything for right now, mybe something more
interesting will come up later.