a little piece of me
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2002-07-13 20:28:43 (UTC)

another job, house hunting

first, thank you aoryous (so sorry if i spelled that
wrong!!) for the feedback. i know what you mean...life's
not fair that way, and i guess i should just accept that.

anyway, i got another job. i'll be working at hobby lobby
in champaign full time. i start monday. however, i'm
still at sears. i work almost 40 hours this week at sears,
plus about 30 at hobby lobby. i'll be quitting sears. i'm
putting in my notice tomorrow...next saturday will be my
last day. hobby lobby pays a couple bucks an hour more,
plus is full time and offers benefits and such. yay :).
this way turtle and i will get to live together, too.

ok, well, just wanted to update really quickly. miss