OH what a tangled web we weave
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2001-06-30 03:08:40 (UTC)

Back again

Once again I left this diary and forgot I had it. So sorry.
But yeah i noticed in my old entry i wrote i was going to a
bible study. I no longer attend that. I felt weird there
and I don't know if it was satan working against me or
what. But i recently rededicated my life to christ at a
camp i go to because my life wasn't going in the right
direction. I really hope that I can work this out. It is so
easy to become discouraged. I don't know though, it is just
so conforting to know God is here with me. He completes me
in places that I've felt so empty before. I'm always
looking for something to fill that gap and making up things
and now i realize HE was all I really ever needed. but i
can sit here and talk or i can really live it out so i'll
come back more often and let you know how my walk is going
ok ? love you guys and so does God

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