love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-07-13 19:51:12 (UTC)

no nap

Cant sleep. So ill just write until i have to leave for

The kids I hung out with last night arent the kids i am
normally with. These people I have known all through high
school... but have never actually met. I am not changing
friends, like britt would like to think, i am just
expanding my social experiences.

Jake Sherbert is a nice guy. Going to Clemson in the fall.
Has the last name of an ice cream, but thinks its bad luck
to eat it. I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. He
has been in and out of several different social groups...
starting with the gothics, moving towards the preps, and
ending up in the 'normal' croud. I dont know what to call
us. Wants to be an accountant, but hates math.

James Daniel (JD) Donboch is a goofy guy. Witty and
unpredictable. Is a pro at the Dreamcast game DDR (D-
something Dance Revolution) which consists of stepping on
the pads and doing the dance movies the tv says to make
within a set amount of time. Looks very good while playing.
Also is trying to grow a beard, like abe lincoln (i do not
condone it, but its his face).

Mary Burrows is funny too. She has bright red, curly hair.
Lots of freckles, and a slim figure. Can recite every
disney song word-for-word. When she starts dancing, she
cant be stopped. We call her moves the cabbage patch gone
wild. She throws her hands up in the air and waves her
fists in a circle and wiggles her butt. Is very bad at
bowling, but has no shame.

Andrew Brooks is the alcoholic of the group. Drinks at
every social occasion, usually is the only one in a room
holding a beer. Likes to hunt and go 4-wheeling. Used to be
best friends with Michael, who is now best friends with
Erik (the one who took my virginity), and its weird how all
three of them liked me.

Adam is the geek. He is into dungeons and dragons and other role-
playing games. Also is a member of a jousting and fencing club/team
downtown. Tall & thin, thick brown curly hair. Needed to be cut a
couple months ago. Thin, long face. Big nose. Clear brown eyes. Pale
skin. Not much color to his wardrobe. Mostly black. Nice to animals
and knows when to hold him tongue in front of girls.

Chris is the smoker of the group. I kept count and in our 5
games of bowling, he smoked 2 packs. Thats 40 cigs. That is
aprox one cig for every frame. I dont know much else about
him. Besides that he wears long socks with shorts and
sandles. I think that is weird.

Brian is our rave guy. He knows all the fancy tricks with
the glow sticks and yo-yos and waving his hands around to
look like water. He dated the Lindseys twin. And also
Valerie. And also Makinzy. Hmm. Im thinking this guy is a
chick magnet... so maybe I should steer clear.

ok... well i talked enough. I have an hour to get ready. Im
talking to mary right now.

Thanks for listening to the life stories behind my new